Miracle On Ice — Not Exactly; Canada Struggles!


30 years ago, USA won in probably the most upsetting fashion when they defeated the Russian hockey team.(Huge moment in hockey history)

Herb Brooks


We are almost 24 hours removed from the “upset” that was the United States of America beating us at our own game in a final score of 5-3. I was as excited as the next person for this game, and in reality, it didn’t dissapoint. Canada was outstanding … USA was good … Brodeur was…average at best? .. and Ryan Miller was OUTSTANDING.

We dominated in shots on goal by about 20, and this is just as it looked like on the score sheet because Canada owned the play for much of the action. I was astonished that we couldn’t barry as many as we would like, but the US had a strong team, stronger goalie. So now rises the question, who starts next game?

This question was asked by the new blogger to the site (good guy, I encourage you look at his critical blogging), and this is a question that im sure has spread around canada and more specifically Vancouver for the last 20 hours. My thoughts, it is time to bring Luongo into the universe. This is looking to me like a similar case in the city of Montreal, where the Canadiens have so DESPERATELY wanted Cary Price to be the go to guy, but plain and simple, it just isn’t going to happen. In comparison, this is the fairy tale story for Team Canada. The best goaltender of all time is going to lead us to a Gold medal in his final olympics on home ice…….sorry, not happening……..we tend to forget that the man is 37 years old. Yes, Brodeur is a GREAT goalie, No, I dont think he has what it takes to win our nation the expected gold medal. Hmm… Marc-Andre Fleury anyone? Thinking about this all logically, Fleury has been great all year so why not? ….. hopes are on you LUUUUUUUUUU!

I also am not ripping on Stevey Y’s ability to pick the best team, but come on, we are starting to notice that he could’ve done better.(like ive been saying from the get-go) I dont like Morrow and Bergeron on MY Canadian roster, I thought we were suppose to have the best players in our nation? Also, the defence … it has been BRUTAL. Right now, we do not have a gold medal team skating right now.

Hey…I know who is happy right now!! How about Brian Burke and Ron Wilson who are watching their team win hockey games, that must be shocking for them!!

So now we are at a point where Canada Must win 4 games in 6 days if Gold is what we want. Tomorrow we play host (obviously) to the Germany team who will look to continue the upsetting olympics for Team Canada, and to think that if Canada loses in that one, it is all over but the crying. Germany knows this, and they will come out playing with heart. Canada also knows this. My advice, SHOOT THE PUCK!!!

Good thing that the Canada Womens team is matching their expectations.


PS: SENS ARE STILL IN 3RD PLACE!!!! (ha ha ha ha)
WOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (sighs)




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